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Project Description


Industry Setting – Found in 1983, YACHIYODA is one of the leading aluminum wheels manufacturers in Thailand, starting with OEM market. Until today, the company has expanded to after-market sector with high competitive environment. Redefining brand, creating story, and designing experience would drive YACHIYODA brand in the right track.

Challenge – The refreshing brand was aimed to enter to new market opportunity as the leader overwhelmed the market. The brand needed clear and solid focus, impacted story telling, and distinctive visual identity and communication.

Strategy – Talking to all stakeholders, observing market environment, and client brainstorming helped us find brand opportunity. The result is the brand’s story, with tag line “No Compromise”, reflecting its brand strength and relevant to users. To bring the new story to visual, the new logo depicts the core essences, Specialty, Challenging, and Mission Accomplishment. The new look & image adds more charismatic, brings brand to life, and creates uniqued culture to users.

Result – A new story with visual identity has brought brand to the new opportunity, giving clear focus, distinctive look & image, and more reliability. Furthermore, the new brand helps all stakeholders to be more focused in the right direction. The development has continued to the essence of product design, creating more solid design identity, and positioning in the clear market segmentation.