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Project Description


How do people use basic single-door refrigerator while market is moving to more sophisticated refrigerator? How do living space change affect to user behavior using fridge? The team at FiF HOUSE incorporated with Toshiba to identify opportunity for new single-door refrigerator.

User research was firstly conducted to understand patterns and insights. Our team proposed the strategic design to build close level of interaction between user and refrigerator.

The outcome is a unique simple form that allows users to match refrigerator with any space not only kitchen, but also living room and bedroom as a second refrigerator in their home. The table top was well designed to bring up as it is the most usage space of single-door refrigerator. As people using single-door refrigerator in different purposes, the interior is focused on flexible usage and utilizing the most efficient space, for example, flip-able tray for storing bottles, using tray as serving plate, and more space for vegetable pocket while maximizing door space.